Education, PhotonQ-Francois Taddei for a New Education

PhotonQ-Francois Taddei for a New EducationPhOtOnQuAnTiQuE
At TEDx Paris, Francois Taddei was talking "outside the box" and jumped on TED to explain the symbiosis between a bird, man and the hunt for honey.

He was arguing for a new Educative system, learning from biology, bacteria, symbiosis, history etc. A multidisciplinary way of rethinking education in our ever changing and globalizing civilisation.

Here is his talk (in French) :TED x Paris 2010- François Taddei- pour un nouveau modèle d’éducation

François Taddei est chercheur en biologie des systèmes à l’Inserm. Il est également un spécialiste reconnu de l’évolution et milite pour des approches interdisciplinaires notamment sur les questions du vieillissement et de la longévité.

You can follow him on twitter at #FrancoisTaddei
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