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Brew 2.0 – Beer EducationLexnGer
The Brew 2.0 event hosted by Molsons & organised by H&K included an excellent education session, a beer-tasting, food-pairing session, a tour of the micro-brewery space in the ACC and a couple of product introductions

I was one of the bloggers invited to participate and I was really impressed with the Beer Education portion of the evening. This is going to sound kind of snotty, but as a long-time beer drinker, home brewer and general drinking-enthusiast, I was impressed that I learned a couple of things.

More about that once I get caught up and blog about my learnings formally! (likely over on

The event has caused a bit of a brew-ha-ha in the PR, Social Media & blogging communities (you can start reading on the Molson Blog which includes links to most of the discussion.) I do have some thoughts on this situation, but that’s for another forum.

Disclosure – I got free beer, free food and walked away with a 1G flash drive & a coupon for a 12 pack. Education LexnGer2008-06-26 17:51:52

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