Education, NY – Albany: New York State Department of Education Building

NY – Albany: New York State Department of Education Buildingwallyg
The New York State Department of Education Building, at 89 Washington Avenue, was designed in neoclassical by Henry Hornbostel and opened in 1912. It currently houses offices of the New York State Education Department and was formerly home to the New York State Museum and New York State Library. It was the first major in the United States building constructed solely as a headquarters for the administration of education.

The building was the brainchild of Dr. Andrew Sloan Draper, the first Commissioner of Education who wanted more space for the growing agency. The site was secured in 1906 and construction began in 1908. The building was finished, at a cost of approximately million, on January 1, 1911 but was not dedicated until November of 1912 with the state museum and library moving into fireproof wings in the building. In 1959, the nine story New York State Department of Education Building Annex, was added to the northeastern side of the building along Hawk and Elk streets.

The thirty-six hollow marble Corinthian columns facing Washington Avenue form the longest colonnade in the United States. The colonnade forms the top bar of the building’s T-shaped layout. Flanking the entrance are two sculpted lampposts depicting seated children. Notable interior features include the 94-foot-high rotunda, with its glass-and steel-dome, and the 50-foot-high reading room, with its large arched windows. The rotunda also contains barrel-vaulted glass skylights and a mural depicting "man’s quest for education."

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