Education – Houston Have Your Say – Education Crisis, Part 2 Education

Education The second segment of the Houston Have Your Say Town Hall Forum focuses on what happens to our community when we don’t have a quality education system. Stephen Klineberg, Ph. D., Director, Urban Research Center of Houston talks about the workforce needs in our area and what will happen to our city if those needs are not met. Studio Guests include: Mary Spangler, Chancellor, Houston Community College Paula Harris, Houston ISD Board Rob Eissler, (R) Texas State Representative Bob Sanborn, CEO, Children at Risk Michael Holthouse, Holthouse Foundation for Kids Donna Cole, Cole Inc (Dismantling the Cradle to Prison Pipeline) Lori Vetters, Greater Houston Partnership, Past Education Chair Original Broadcast Date: April 20, 2010 To see Part 1, Part 3, and the AfterShow go to Houston Have Your Say is moderated by award winning producer, Patricia Gras. In the public school systems of the greater Houston region there are growing concerns about the dropout rate, quality education, and funding. The Houston metropolitan region seeks to distinguish itself as one of the best places to live and work in the 21st century global community and education is an important factor in achieving that goal.

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