Education – Who projection market potential of education to seize the initiative? – Projection, education projec  

Education Who projection market potential of education to seize the initiative? – Projection, education projec  Education

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When it comes to Projector Both vendors and channel partners will associate Education Market, has been the education market as a domestic Projection Market position main battlefield has not changed. Therefore, the education market makers compete to become the projection of a focus of fierce fighting. Education projector market potential “Education and government procurement is still Projector Demand the largest market, the brand will be fierce warfare between. These two market-oriented products, cost-effective, highly sensitive and differentiated demand “IDC Research, the Chinese computer systems analyst Miss Chen Mei said. Mei Chen introduced the education market focus on the demand for products with short urgent. Traditional telephoto projection installation inconvenient, and inadequate control in the use irradiation to the teacher’s eyes. Thus, short-focus and Electronic Whiteboard will be a growth point of the education market. Thus, Seattle in 2010, Hitachi, Epson, BenQ and other brand products are cast in the short focus heavily. Order to fully meet the needs of modern teaching, China BenQ projector sales champion of BenQ, a positive development in the education sector, while conventional applications, but also combined with the demand for innovative applications, designed and developed a series by leading technology, short-focus type Education Projectors Products. BenQ BenQ has since entered the domestic education market, is constantly expanding and increasingly consolidating the gains of competitive advantage. BenQ projector with a short focus on application development efforts, will improve the traditional classroom teaching, and promote modernization of education information and education to bring new weather. “King of a new generation of products will be a short focal Seattle Education Equipment Market to snatch a weapon”, before Seattle in the country Agents General Assembly official propaganda, will launch 16 models by 2010 a new generation of ultra-short focal product, strike out educational equipment market. Present, education equipment market is still the projector market, the big cake. With interactive teaching further deepening of reform, short-focus projector and whiteboard products much attention to the education market, demand continues to grow. In particular, short-focus series, as can be projected within 1 meter 80-inch big screen, therefore more suitable for small classrooms, small meeting room space requirements more stringent environmental use; the same time, because of its short imaging distance can effectively Avoid speakers blocking projection screen; and a shorter projection distance to ensure the effective use of the output brightness, not too far away because the loss caused by the brightness. 2010 education year is a year of full implementation of information technology. 2010 is also China’s Eleventh Five-Year Development Plan of the last year of a comprehensive education information will be promoting the implementation of the results reflected in this year-round, this education projector market will bring a big leap. Eleventh Five-Year Development Plan is the educational information presented in the field of education, in-depth use of information technology, development and utilization of educational resources, promote technological innovation, knowledge sharing of innovation and innovation to improve teaching quality and efficiency, promote reform and development historical process. Education Information is an important symbol of modernization of education to educational information, promote the modernization of education, educational development has become a strategic requirement. 2010 is the final educational institutions around the country planning to implement the information strategy on education requirements for one year, is the crucial year, is the full realization of the planning objectives of the year. To develop and market demand for education projector market provides a good opportunity, but also will lead to a scramble for major manufacturers, who can then occupy the boat altogether?

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